HR Consulting Designed to Suit Your Organization’s
People Operations Needs

Through a strong understanding of our clients’ needs, our HR consultants help organizations to more effectively attract and retain employees. We believe in empowering clients with the knowledge to create an engaging workplace culture. HRSP helps you build the backbone of your people operations and to become an Employer of Choice.


HR Consulting

HRSP provides a full range of practical, results-driven human resources solutions for your organization. Our solutions are customized and flexible, to help modernize the way employers look at people resources, remain compliant, and enable growth. We provide both retainer-based and project-based services, depending on what works best for your organization.


Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations have become more complicated, with the increasing number of workplace complaints (Harassment, Bullying, Violence, Misconduct, Policy Breaches). Employers are required to conduct thorough and fair investigations. We assist employers in carrying out comprehensive, confidential workplace investigations, as an unbiased 3rd party, based on employment law and HR best practices.


Policies and Agreements

We show you how to set the groundwork to build a culture of performance. From developing policies and agreements that outline employee expectations and mitigate risk, we ensure clarity and protect your organization. Make sure you have the proper framework in place, which sets standards and guides how employees perform their work, make decisions, and manage business operations.


HR Audits

Our comprehensive HR Audit looks at items such as Employment Standards, Compensation, Recruitment, Culture, Health & Safety, Policies and Terminations, as well as assessing compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. This detailed needs analysis identifies any Human Resources gaps within your organization and gives you best-practice recommendations, reducing risk and saving you time and money.

Support Solutions

At HRSP, we provide support options for our clients, depending upon what their needs are:


Our most popular support option is our retainer option. This provides ongoing HR support services that are cost-effective, flexible and reliable, providing you the peace of mind knowing your HR needs are managed by a highly qualified HR professional, within a set budget. 

We become familiar with your business and its unique HR needs, so that you can focus on building your bottom line.


Project work allows our clients the flexibility of using our services on an as-needed basis, billed by the hour. HRSP spends time getting to know your business, your managers and your people. Projects can include anything from employee handbooks, employment agreements, compensation surveys, employee relations advice, terminations, etc.

Get back to focusing on your business by capitalizing on the resources of HR professionals, without the full-time expense.

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