HRSP provides practical, human resources products to help your business manage its key resource: People. We can assist with as much or as little of the process as you require, and our experience allows us to support your company and provide coaching to your management team.

HR Audit

Our comprehensive HR Audit looks at items such as Employment Standards, Compensation, Culture, Health & Safety, Policies and Terminations, as well as assessing compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. This detailed needs analysis identifies any Human Resources or high-level Safety gaps within your company and provides prioritized action items, reducing risk and saving time and money.

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations have become more complicated, with the increasing number of workplace complaints (Harassment, Bullying, Violence, Misconduct) and a heavy onus on the employer to conduct thorough and fair investigations. We assist employers in carrying out comprehensive, confidential workplace investigations, as an unbiased 3rd party, based on employment law and HR best practices.

Policy Development

We show you how to set the groundwork to build a culture of performance. From developing policies and agreements that outline employee expectations and mitigate risk, we ensure clarity and protect your organization. Make sure you have the proper framework in place, which sets standards and guides how employees perform jobs, make decisions, and manage business operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions, and other restructuring bring with them complexities of cultural incompatibility, differing leadership styles, and compensation and workforce changes – all impacting organizational effectiveness. The “People” factor of an organization holds the key to success. HRSP will help guide you in assessing your people programs, prioritizing activities before, during and after the integration period.

Our Team

At HR Strategic Partners, we provide customized HR solutions for complicated employee issues, backed by sound business principles. We include coaching with every offering – Whether for interview preparation, employee relations, policy development, or terminations, we show you how to effectively prepare, execute and put a proactive plan in place for the future.

Andrea MacLean, CHRP – Managing Director

Andrea MacLean is an accomplished HR executive with experience leading human resources strategy and initiatives for industry leaders. A skilled HR Advisor for over 20 years, Andrea has had extensive experience and consistent success in business transformation, talent management, building high-performance cultures, and workplace investigations. With a history of HR Audit and Risk Mitigation, Andrea has helped many employers navigate the complex waters of compliance, policy development, employee relations, and leadership development. A Certified Human Resources Professional, Andrea studied at York University in the Bachelor, Human Resources Mgmt. program, and currently sits on the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) Board of Directors, as their Director of Communications.

While Andrea draws upon her educational experiences to support her clients, she believes that her most valuable learnings have come from practical experience and her resourceful partnerships. She enjoys giving back to her community through Board positions, Mentorship, Coaching, and Subject Matter Expertise for various groups, such as the Regional Municipality of York, Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council, Ontario Minor Hockey Association, and Small Business Centres in York Region and Barrie.

Akiko Takagi, CHRP – Senior HR Consultant

Akiko Takagi is a seasoned HR Business Partner with experience supporting leaders in their people strategies and initiatives. A skilled HR Advisor for over 11 years, Akiko has had extensive experience with talent spotting and development, leadership training and development, workforce planning, team management, HR compliance, workplace investigations, HR analytics, and providing day to day guidance to business leaders and employees.

A Certified Human Resources Professional, Akiko studied English at York University and completed a post graduate program at Humber College in Human Resources Management. She has also studied GROW model coaching, situational leadership, change management, workshop facilitation, and life purpose coaching. Akiko is also certified in MHS EQ-I (Emotional Intelligence) and DISC Assessments.

Tammy Humphries, CPP – Senior Payroll, Time & Attendance Consultant

Tammy Humphries is a seasoned Payroll and Time and Attendance Professional in leading payroll strategy and initiatives.  A skilled Payroll and Time and Attendance advisor for over 20 years, Tammy has extensive experience and success with talent spotting and management, designing and developing of system support teams, Payroll, Wages and Hours compliance and audits, building high-performance teams and talent management. With significant experience in system implementations, Tammy has helped multiple employers plan and execute system implementations, upgrades and optimizations, including the development of sustainable training strategies and curriculums.

A Certified Payroll Professional, Tammy studied History, Political Science and Law at the University of Windsor and is currently completing a Master’s Degree at the University of Guelph. She has also studied Project Management at Humber College, situational leadership, and change management. She also has extensive experience delivering training to varied groups.

Other Team Members and Partners

HRSP works with other multi-talented collaborators, who use their unique professional backgrounds and experience from a wide variety of industries, in order to build on the client’s strengths and achieve customized solutions. These strategic partnerships give our clients access to highly specialized guidance when they need it in areas such as Employment Law, Benefit and Retirement Programs, and Outplacement services.


We’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions for our HR consulting services. Have another question?
What are the benefits of Leadership Coaching?
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says the best advice he ever got was to get a Leadership Coach, and Bill Gates emphatically says that “Everyone should have a coach”. Coaching is a valuable tool for raising self-awareness and to prepare an individual for expanded responsibilities. A coach will work with leaders to develop strategies to close gaps in skills, to handle setbacks and sustain growth. A coach can provide third party moderation for 360 reviews, strategic planning, and conflict resolution.
How will a bad hire affect my company?
The tangible costs of hiring the wrong person for a job could run your company anywhere from 1.5 to 2.0 times the annual salary for the position and these numbers are just scratching the surface. These are, of course, those costs which you can measure such as recruitment costs, cost of HR time, cost of managers’ time involved in the interview process and new hire training. There are also other much more difficult costs to identify – Those are the intangibles such as how it affects the morale of the team, how your clients view the changes, and lost productivity. We encourage you to carefully consider your recruitment methods and to use effective interviewing techniques (such as behavioural interviewing) when making those final hiring decisions, in order to make the best possible decision for your next hire.
I’m a very small employer. Does Bill 168 apply to me?
Bill 168, under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, requires employers to have a policy and program in place with regard to Violence and Harassment Prevention. Workplaces with 5 or fewer employees do not have the obligation to have the policies posted in a conspicuous place, however, a Ministry of Labour inspector can order it, if there is evidence of risk, or after an incident occurs. No matter what the size of the organization, employers must: Assess the risk of violence and harassment; take reasonable measures to prevent incidents and protect employees; Have measures to report, respond, and investigate incidents; and provide training and education to employees. As of 2008, the Ministry of Labour reported that 80% of small businesses were not compliant with this legislation. Failure to comply may result in fines of up to $500,000 for organizations. Individuals may also be fined up to $25,000 or be imprisoned for up to 12 months.
What is a Performance Improvement Plan used for?
A Performance Improvement Plan is generally part of a company’s Progressive Discipline Policy, focusing on a situation where an employee is not meeting expectations. The Performance Improvement Plan is designed to assist the employee in evaluating and addressing their performance or behaviours, and to support them in consistently meeting the requirements of their job. The expectation is to give the employee all the information they need to proactively correct a given concern and to put measures in place to ensure immediate and sustained improvement.
What are “Transitions and Outplacement” services?
Transitions – Letting go employees is never an easy task, but ensuring a separation is accomplished while maintaining the dignity and respect of the employee – and in a way that helps the individual prepare for future success – can enhance an organization’s employment brand. Everyone wins when employers ensure they aren’t leaving former workers in the dust. An effective Exit Strategy can help transitioning workers get back on their feet, improving company reputation, and sending a positive message to the remaining employees. Outplacement – Outplacement’s role in career transition is to help candidates achieve a degree of stability after job loss. Career coaching provides guidance, knowledge and tools that enable candidates to take control of their career search. It empowers the candidate to be proactive in their career and develop the skills that will help them achieve true personal growth.

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